lay down​(​demos)

by Uvee

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released June 12, 2014



all rights reserved


Uvee Bellingham, Washington

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Track Name: Electric Fireside
Siting fireside, electric fireside. The flames extend horizontally as you lay parallel to me. I can only see part of who you are. But for now i won't think too hard. Siting fireside, electric fireside.
Track Name: I Can't Tell If This Is All Real
I can see the space on your face. What exactly do I mean? I don't know. I don't make sense. Lets be friends. This world will never end. It never started. We only pretend. Just humanity just humanity. This is not a dream this is reality and I'm fine. Lies I tell myself become true. I can't tell if this is all real.
Track Name: Trees walk
The trees they walk around at night and they scare me inside of my bedroom. They look at me right through my window. These days i return home alone. These days there is no was or there will be. There is only what is now. These days I see so clearly. When will you come back to me?
Track Name: Adelaide Sky
Pale ocean sky tell me why that i can't evaporate. Chill ocean breeze, oh you tease, make me wish that i could fly. Tall red wood tree look down on me and share the things you've had to see. I'm here for you what can i do? I'm so small. Adelaide sky won't you please follow me into the sun. I want to show you the things that i know so you can live. Live just like you should in harmony with everyone and everything. Guide your feet so carefully and i'll be there when you fall.