Shed your layers

by Uvee

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This album is meant to be listened to in an intimate setting, whatever that may be for you.

please enjoy my first release!

love, uvee


released December 5, 2013



all rights reserved


Uvee Bellingham, Washington

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Track Name: something sets in
One thing that i know well and for sure, everything is relative and souls are pure. They're just not all the same. And people that you tame will go quite insane, because life can't be confined to a frame. These hardened hearts and mine stays soft and that makes me so vulnerable. So please be gentle for how you've been taught is to peirce these vulnerabilities with power and hate. But when soft hearts dissapear, once soft hearts dissapear, how much can the world take. We all know. I'll bet i can set faster than the sun if i run at full speed. But ill need you by my side. my life motion, real time qued. Some trees shed and others don't but at some point they all fall. Just like every carefully constructed wall. So rather than build lets stop and listen. To catch up on all that we've been missing. Can you feel it breathing? Can you se where we fit in? Its all so beautifully subtle and i'm waiting for you to begin my version of real life.
Track Name: ode to recovery
Sister may i hold your hand again? Sister can i still call you my friend? Sister do you still have firey red hair? Sister can i tell you i still care? Sister can you tell me what went so wrong? Sister what has kept you here so long? Sister do you still think of me as your family? Sister why is it that you're so empty? Sister can i say just one thing to you? Sister please come back home because i miss you.
Track Name: being harmless
Don't let your will be shrunken. Like dried fruit, flat and wrinkled. let it expand. The flame ever breathing heavier. The sun is your good so put yourself out in it. The plants are your food so don't you kill for it. I try I try oh so hard i try to be what you need from me. It's not so trying to try defying all you've been taught. Just a spark, the initial thought. Potential energy is in your body. Simply make kinetic and stay empathetic for anything being harmed.
Track Name: our faces
All of the faces. There are so much faces. And they're all connected but in different places. Some of the faces never see any faces and some of the faces cant see their own faces. Some of the faces are facing other faces. Without one face there can be no faces. I must consider just where my own face is. And will i ever be able to see all of the faces? if i try my whole life to see the faces, even if my time cant see them all, could the guilt or whatever it is, could it be erased?